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Take a look below Our full range product racking and storage systems

  • Boltless Racking System

    For light duty and small parts storage which is economical and easy to install. All levels are also easy to adjust. Shelving material comes in fiber board or epoxy coated metal shelves.
  • Cantilever Racking System

    Cantilever is for storage of long items such as steel sections, piping and timber products. Free standing, single or double sided.
  • Drive-In Pallet Racking System

    The design pinciple of the drive-in is to connect several rows of standard racks and have a dedicated pathway. Installation can be two sets of drive-in racks installed back-to-back or one single set against the wall. Forklifts use the same-in-out channel. When storing products, start inwards towards outwards and when retrieving should be the opposite. Storage density is very good, but no suited for FIFO. It is suitable for periodic batch operations and high frequency loading and unloading raw material warehouse or distribution centers.
    • Forklift drives into the aisles when loading or picking pallets
    • FILO
    • Greatly improves space utilization
  • Heavy Duty Racking System

    Heavy-duty racks are the most common type. They are also called selective pallet racking because they store heavy goods and need to be used with pallets and forklifts. Heavy-duty racks have lower storage density but goods picking efficiency and lower cost.
    • 100% picking efficiency
    • Compatible with different types of handling equipment
    • Adjustable beams for different cargo heights
    • Variety of uprights and beams, combination of material selection for most economical and safe match
  • Medium Duty Racking System

    This range is very suitable for light to medium weight goods. Loading per shelf can range from 300kg to 1000kg (UDL). It can be decked with plywood or GI shelve.
  • Shuttle Racking System

    Radio shuttle racking system is a complete high-density storage system consisting of racks, shuttles and forklifts. Shuttle racks make full use of warehouse space, shuttles can reduce the amount of forklift operations and increase warehouse efficiency.